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" I first discovered iwadaobao five years ago. At the time, we were furnishing our first rustic style house...

I remember visiting many of the famous stores in Greater Taipei selling imported furniture, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for. One day, I saw by chance an introduction about iwadaobao online. I was looking forward to visit the shop and on the same day, I rushed over there right after work! At the time, most of our house furnishing and decoration was already completed, and because of the lack of available space and difference in style, I couldn't place as many of the beautiful antique furniture that I found as I wanted. I always felt a bit regretful in my heart, and secretly hoped that one day I could design a true authentic French-style residence!

Two years later, after purchasing the house located upstairs, we discussed about its design with Joanne and Fabien, whom which we had already become friends. We started by selecting the lights, then the dining table, the dining chairs, and side cabinets etc… And finally, the French dream that I had longed for was successfully fulfilled. The house is a both classical and romantic, and is even a little luxurious...


Thank you Joanne and Fabien. Thank you for your professionalism and tasteful appreciation, and for bringing back these beautiful and story-telling furniture and decoration from France, so that I can create an authentic and charming French styles home in Taiwan. "


(translated version)

" Yoshimitsu Kataba, treasured in things, is the eternal treasure of art and humanities, Thank you iwadaobao, like a treasure hunter who travels through the time tunnel, finds every beautiful thing worthy of preservation for us, continues to uphold the warm and cordial service, accumulates professionalism for many years, and combines modernity with classical exquisiteness. The retro elements are fused together to create a unique taste space for everyone who loves life"


Amma Garden

(Translated Version)

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