Our Mission

Bring happiness and luxury through our passion for Antiques, Art and commitment to excellence.

Our Story

Since 2012, IWADAOBAO specializes in 18th, 19th and 20th Century French Antique Furniture, Giltwood Mirrors, Chandeliers,  and accessories. 

Antiques are a passion for founders, Joanne and Fabien and they personally hand picked every single item in their collection. 


Long-term relationships have been established with French business partners over the years, giving exclusive access when fine pieces become available.


Our Quality Commitment

Our in depth knowledge of each of our product enables us to ensure that our customers can get the best understanding of our collection. 


We value every customer and promise to provide him/her with detailed and accurate descriptions of their purchase, including production, age, materials and defects that may exist. Our customers trust our professionalism.


Fabien and Joanne travel thousands of kilometers each year all over France, where they personally select each and every piece of furniture and decoration from antique shops, auction venues and collectors in major cities.

Antique Care

We are committed to provide the highest quality of Antiques to our customers.


Every piece of antique furniture has its own unique story and an extraordinary craftsmanship. If restoration is necessary, iwadaobao is committed to respecting and preserving the origins, materials and the story left by these craftsmen.


Strategic Location

All items displayed on the website are located and shipped from our warehouse in Taiwan, in the heart of Asia. Our mission is to make exquisite antique pieces available to the asian market providing advantageous shipping costs and delays as well as a more responsive customer service compared to most of the marketplaces and shops available online, with sellers mostly located in Europe or in the United States.



At IWADAOBAO, our mission is to bring happiness and luxury through our passion for Antiques, Art and commitment to excellence. We always love seing the end result of our client designs and when possible, share it with you...

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