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歡迎來到 iwadaobao,我們是從法國進口精緻的法國古董家具及古董傢飾品的進口商,​我們邀請您與我們分享法國美學、語言、歷史與法國文化的浪漫。

iwadaobao 位於中和,距離台北市中心不到15分鐘的路程,展間有 100 多坪的空間,是一個能讓您舒適的鑑賞美麗、品質與可信賴的地方。

創辦人 Fabien 和 Joanne 每年回法國採購,親自挑選每一件古董家具與古董傢飾藝品,將它們帶回台灣,挖掘法國各地風格獨具的古董物品,



Fabien 和 Joanne 追求法式典雅的生活品味,兩人將法國古董的工藝與美學帶入生活的每個細節,結合了故事與主題性的空間擺設,賦予不同的美學點,帶給大家新的生活響宴,發揮令人著迷的古董藝術且具有長久細細品味的獨特魅力。

Welcome to iwadaobao! We are a direct importer of fine French antique furniture and decoration. It is our pleasure to invite you to share the romance of French aesthetics, history and culture.


Located in Zhonghe, less than 15 minutes from downtown Taipei, our showroom hosts over 350 m2 of carefully selected antiques. This is a place where you can appreciate the real beauty and highest quality of antiques.


The founders, Fabien and Joanne, return to France each year to personally select each and every piece of furniture and decoration to bring back to Taiwan. They procure unique antiques from all over the country to satisfy their customer needs.



Fabien and Joanne pursue the French-style elegance of life. They bring the craftsmanship and aesthetics of French antiques to every detail of life, combining history and thematic space. Displaying different aesthetic views and providing inspiration for your interiors. Feast your eyes on fascinating antique art with a unique charm from the past!

Client's beautiful home

“ 珍藏在事物裡的吉光片羽,是藝術與人文永恆的寶藏, 感謝 iwadaobao,彷彿是一名穿梭時光隧道的尋寶家, 為我們找到每一件值得繼續保存的美麗事物,持續秉持著熱情與親切的服務,累積多年的專業精神, 將現代摩登與古典細膩還有工業復古元素巧妙的融合在一起, 替每個喜愛生活的人,打造獨到的品味空間 ” - 艾瑪花園

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