Space Rental

iwadaobao 團隊一直以專業知識和經驗,網羅至法國各大城市的古董店、 拍賣會場、收藏藝術家等的多方古董物品, 讓您來到 iwadaobao 可拍攝特殊罕見與不同時代、風格的法國古董家具。


iwadaobao 位於中和,距離台北市中心不到15分鐘的路程,是一個能讓您舒適的鑑賞美麗,品質與可信賴的地方。


店內共有 B1、1、2、3 層樓,100 多坪的空間、挑高 4 米、結合了故事與主題性的空間擺設,每一層樓約有 6 個不同的景可拍攝!

Located in Zhonghe, less than 15 minutes from downtown Taipei, the showroom for rent hosts over 330 m2 of carefully selected antiques. This is a place where you can, with the highest quality of antiques, shoot your wedding pictures, product photos etc..


The showroom has 4 floors, high roof and over 6 different thematic each that are displayed by Joanne who specializes in interior design and decorative arts. She mixes antique furniture and decorative pieces to bring out the charm of the space.


We travel thousands of kilometers each year all over France, where we personally select each and every piece of furniture and decoration from antique shops, auction venues and collectors in major cities. This has helped iwadaobao to successfully find rare, unique antiques from different eras and styles to help us create a beautiful photography environment.

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