Our Quality Commitment

「 我們力求不斷進步,了解顧客的需求、願望和夢想,創造美好的生活境界與躍升空間的品味質感,細膩呈現每個人心中最美的畫面,讓您在煩囂紛擾的生活中,享受獨到品味的自我空間並與所愛的人一起分享這美好的時光 ~ 」

Fabien 和 Joanne 每年走遍法國數千公里,親自在法國為 iwadaobao 精心採購每一件古董家具和古董傢飾藝品,挖掘法國各地風格獨具的古董物品,以經典獨特的老件商品滿足顧客創造獨樹一格的質感,展現個人風格的願望。


我們盡心盡力的實際了解每件作品,讓我們更能清楚古董物品的材質、年份及古董家具背後所存在的故事,以確保每一件古董家具家飾的品質,讓來到 iwadaobao 的顧客可以真實並透徹了解每個物件的資訊與體驗到我們最深入的古董知識。 


我們一直以專業知識和經驗,網羅至法國各大城市的古董店、 拍賣會場、收藏藝術家等的多方古董物品, 讓您來到 iwadaobao 可挑選特殊罕見與不同時代、風格的法國古董傢俱。



Our in depth knowledge of each of our product enables us to ensure that our customers can get the best understanding of our collection. 


We value every customer and promise to provide him/her with detailed and accurate descriptions of their purchase, including production, age, materials and defects that may exist. Our customers trust our professionalism.


Fabien and Joanne travel thousands of kilometers each year all over France, where they personally select each and every piece of furniture and decoration from antique shops, auction venues and collectors in major cities.

Long-term relationships have been established with French business partners,  which has helped iwadaobao to successfully find rare,

unique antiques from different eras and styles to help their customers create a beautiful living environment.