Our Story

iwadaobao 是法國古董家具和古董家飾品的直接進口商,創辦人 Fabien 和 Joanne 結合了彼此的天賦,親自挑選 18、19 以及 20 世紀初期的法國古董,並將其收藏於中和的店內。 

身為法國人的 Fabien,對法國歷史、藝術和文化有著深刻的了解,他能夠帶領 iwadaobao 在人跡罕至之處發現稀世珍寶,並且親自回法國為您帶回。

Fabien 的專業技術與 Joanne 的獨到眼光,是能為 iwadaobao 顧客獲得最高品質的古董家具和古董家飾藝品的主要關鍵。

在過去的六年裡,Fabien 和 Joanne 一直在法國旅行,自 2012 年開始進口法國古董家具,Fabien 與法國業務夥伴建立了長期密不可分的關係,有助於 iwadaobao 成功尋找罕見和獨特的古董物品。​

從一開始到法國旅行, 為自己的家尋找最適合的家飾品,延伸至現在創辦了進口法國古董家具之業務的躍進, 是我們增進生活樂趣一個相當自然的方式。

Fabien 還帶領 iwadaobao 的修復團隊,將法國人對於古董的熱情與堅持發揮得淋漓盡致,Fabien 將每件送至顧客手上的家具都仔細的檢查、修復與清潔,以確保每件古董家具傢飾都能為顧客帶來最大的心靈享受。​

Joanne 專長於裝飾藝術和居家設計領域,她對藝術的創造和空間風格的配置有著獨特的品味,善用古董家具和古董傢飾藝品,展現出空間自我的品味魅力。

我們對藝術的熱愛,卓越的承諾以及對細節的要求,是 iwadaobao 團隊重要主軸,我們的使命是每天為所有人帶來快樂與奢華的生活享受。

iwadaobao is a direct importer of French antique furniture and decoration. Fabien and Joanne, the founders, combine their talents and select French antiques from the 18th to the 20th century.


For the past six years, Fabien and Joanne have been travelling all over France importing French antiques to Taiwan since 2012. Long-term relationships have been established with French business partners, which has helped iwadaobao to successfully find rare, unique antiques to furnish your home.


Fabien is French. His vast knowledge of French history, art and culture has enabled him to discover rare treasures in the most inaccessible places.

Joanne specializes in interior design and decorative arts. She has a unique taste in art creation and interior design. She mixes antique furniture and decorative pieces to bring out the charm of the antiques through her creations.


Fabien's expertise and Joanne's unique vision of interior decor are keys to the highest quality antique furniture and antique home furnishings for iwadaobao customers.

Fabien also leads iwadaobao’s restoration team. He carefully inspects, repairs and cleans the furniture before being delivered to the customers' hands to ensure that every antique is ready for delivery and that each and every customer is happy and fully satisfied with their purchase.


Our mission is to bring happiness and luxury to our customers through our passion for art, commitment to excellence and detail.