Antiques Hunting

身為法國人的 Fabien,對法國歷史、藝術和文化有著深刻的了解,他能夠帶領 iwadaobao 在人跡罕至之處發現稀世珍寶,並且親自回法國為您帶回。


自 2012 年開始進口法國古董家具,Fabien 與法國業務夥伴建立了長期密不可分的關係,有助於 iwadaobao 成功尋找罕見和獨特的古董物品。​

Fabien 和 Joanne 每年走遍法國數千公里,親自在法國為 iwadaobao 精心採購每一件古董家具和古董傢飾藝品,在當地已累積了許多古董商的人脈!


Fabien is French. His vast knowledge of French history, art and culture has enabled him to discover rare treasures in the most inaccessible places.

Since 2012, Fabien and Joanne travel thousands of kilometers each year all over France, where they personally select each and every piece of furniture and decoration from antique shops, auction venues and collectors in major cities. Long-term relationships have been established with French business partners, which has helped iwadaobao to successfully find rare, unique antiques from different eras and styles to help their customers create a beautiful living environment.


If you are looking for a specific item, you are welcome to contact us and send us a picture and we will get back to you with further information. We will personally put all our efforts to help you find it during our next antique hunting in France.

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